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Established by Cambridge IFA, the Cambridge Islamic Funds Awards seek to acknowledge and honour the premier Islamic funds from around the world. Our mission is to spotlight those who exemplify commitment, innovation, and consistent performance in the realm of Celebrating Excellence in Islamic & Ethical Funds, Assets and Wealth Management. Our dedicated team, with its wealth of experience in Islamic finance, understands the unique challenges and opportunities that Islamic funds face. We are passionate about providing an esteemed platform to showcase the unparalleled excellence of Islamic funds, inspiring investors worldwide to consider the substantial benefits of investing in this burgeoning sector.

Our unwavering objective is to shine a spotlight on the exceptional accomplishments of Islamic funds, helping them garner the recognition they rightfully deserve. We passionately acknowledge the dedicated efforts of fund managers in achieving sustainable growth, ethical investment, and unwavering compliance with Shari’a principles.

We firmly believe that the Islamic Asset Management Industry is a pivotal component of the global Islamic Financial Services Industry. Our commitment to promoting and supporting its exponential growth and development is unwavering. We are dedicated to providing resources, knowledge, and insights that contribute to the continued growth of this vital sector.

Our comprehensive awards programme encompasses a wide range of categories, including the best Islamic equity fund, best Islamic fixed-income fund, and best Islamic money market fund, reflecting the diversity and dynamism of the Islamic asset management sector. We employ a rigorous and transparent evaluation process, considering factors such as consistent performance, risk management, transparency, and compliance with Shari’a principles. Our globally renowned team of experts is fervently dedicated to recognising and celebrating the achievements of Islamic funds.

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At the Cambridge Islamic Funds Awards, we utilise a rigorous and transparent evaluation process to recognise and celebrate the leading global Islamic funds. Our comprehensive criteria focus on:

Shari’a Compliance Assurance

Ensuring that all nominated funds adhere to the principles of Shari’a in their operations and investments.

Consistent Fund Performance

Evaluating the stability and reliability of a fund's returns over time.

Innovation in Islamic Asset Management

Recognising groundbreaking approaches, tools, or strategies that have been applied successfully within the Islamic Asset Management industry.

Risk Management Practices

Assessing the fund's approach to mitigating risk and protecting investor capital.

Ethical Investment and Governance Strategies

Evaluating the fund's commitment to ethical investment practices and its adherence to the highest governance standards.

At the core of the Cambridge Methodology lies the principle of unbiased performance measurement. We consider two funds to have performed equally well if the returns generated by them are identical ....

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Awards Categories
Best Islamic Fund
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Best Islamic Equity Fund
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Best Islamic Real Estate Fund
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Best Islamic Sukuk Fund
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Best Islamic Private Equity Fund
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Best Islamic Fixed-Income Fund
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Best Islamic Money Market Fund
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Nomination Process

We are proud to announce the inaugural Cambridge Islamic Funds Awards, celebrating the exceptional achievements and contributions of Islamic funds to the global Islamic asset management industry. With the goal of promoting and supporting the exponential growth and development of the Islamic Asset Management Industry, this awards programme aims to provide a prestigious platform to recognise and showcase the very best in the field.

Step 1:
Choose Award Category

Select the appropriate award category or categories for your nomination by visiting our website and accessing the online nomination form.

Step 2:
Submit Online Nomination

Complete the online nomination form, providing key details about your nomination. Upon successful submission, you will receive a confirmation email.

Step 3:
Submit Supporting Documents

Nominees are required to submit relevant supporting documents that highlight their performance, achievements, and contributions to the Islamic asset management industry. These documents should demonstrate why the nominee is deserving of the award.

Step 4:
Assessment of Nominations

Our team assesses nominations based on the information provided, as well as additional data compiled by our Research Team. The Nominating Committee prepares a shortlist of nominees, which is then presented to the Cambridge Islamic Fund Awards Committee for further deliberation.

Step 5:
Quality Matters

To ensure a strong nomination, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Avoid using generic marketing materials in your submission
  • If nominating for multiple categories, ensure that each submission is unique and tailored to the specific category
Step 6:
Awards Committee's Decision

All decisions made by the Cambridge Islamic Fund Awards Committee are final and binding. By submitting a nomination, you acknowledge and accept that the committee's decisions cannot be subsequently challenged.

Step 7:
Notification of Winners

Successful nominees will be informed of the outcome and invited to the Cambridge Islamic Fund Awards Gala Dinner, where the awards will be presented.

We are excited to recognise and celebrate the remarkable achievements of Islamic funds and their contributions to the global Islamic financial services industry. We look forward to receiving your nominations and celebrating your successes at the Cambridge Islamic Funds Awards Gala Dinner.

Cambridge Islamic Funds Forum (CIFF)

We are excited to announce the inaugural Cambridge Islamic Funds Forum, an exclusive gathering of industry leaders and esteemed fund managers from all over the world. This forum is conceived as a platform to discuss the prevailing state of the Islamic funds industry, assess current challenges, and collaboratively envision its future direction. It is our firm belief that by bringing together the brightest minds in the field, we can foster innovation, share knowledge, and chart a clear path forward for the industry. We believe your insights and expertise would be invaluable at this forum, and we hope you consider joining this vital conversation.

In addition to the insightful sessions and workshops, the forum will feature interactive panel discussions and social events, creating an atmosphere where ideas can be exchanged, and enduring professional network can be built. By attending, you'll have the chance to engage with like-minded peers, establish collaborations, and be part of a global network of professionals dedicated to advancing the Islamic funds industry.

We encourage individuals from these diverse backgrounds to attend the forum, as their collective insights and experiences will contribute to the comprehensive discussion on the Islamic funds industry and its future prospects. The Forum is open to professionals, experts, and stakeholders from a variety of industries, including:

Islamic Finance Professionals

Leaders & professionals in Islamic banking, Shari’a-compliant investments, and Islamic finance institutions.

Asset Management

Fund managers, investment analysts, and those involved in asset management and wealth management.

Legal and Compliance

Legal experts specialising in Islamic finance, compliance officers, and regulatory authorities.


Scholars, researchers, and educators with an interest in Islamic finance and funds.

Consulting and Advisory

Consultants and advisors in finance, providing guidance in the Islamic finance sector.

Technology and Fintech

Innovators and tech professionals developing solutions for the Islamic funds industry.


Professionals working at the intersection of Islamic finance and sustainability.

Islamic Wealth Management Report (IWMR)

We are pleased to unveil the 3rd edition of Islamic Wealth Management Report (IWMR) 2024. The publication of this report is timely considering that growing investor demand and evolving market dynamics for more Shari’a-compliant solutions has resulted in the need for a more nuanced understanding for those looking to cater to their clients’ sophisticated and diversified investment appetite.

The wealth management industry around the world is witnessing multitude of changes, ranging from tightened regulation, a highly volatile financial market, to FinTech disruptions. Islamic wealth management industry is no exception to these strong headwinds. With the world’s Muslim population expected to increase to 2.8 billion in 2050, such demographic dynamic is expected to result in the rapid creation of wealth across the Islamic world. Despite the promising growth, the industry still needs to develop and offer a more comprehensive package of wealth management services and innovations to meet the diverse needs of clients. However, to realize its true potential, several issues need to be addressed as the Islamic wealth management space evolves further.

Islamic Wealth Management Report (IWMR) highlights the current state of the global Islamic wealth management industry along with the future trends. Our contributors are industry thought leaders as well as experts that provide a wealth of expertise, analysis, and experience. The upcoming 3rd edition of IWMR 2023 presents a comprehensive view of the Islamic wealth management industry and is a compendium of insights and knowledge, making it essential reading for wealth managers and all those who seek a better understanding of Islamic wealth management.

Nominations for Cambridge Islamic Funds Awards (CIFA) are now open Submit your Nomination